Miami, as Joan Didion introduces it in the first chapter of her 1987 book Miami, is “not exactly an American city as American cities have recently been understood but a tropical capital: long on rumor, short on memory, overbuilt on the chimera of runway money and referring not to New York or Boston or Los Angeles or Atlanta but to Caracas and Mexico, to Havana and Bogotá and to Paris and Madrid. Of American cities Miami has only since 1959 connected to Washington, which is the peculiarity of both places, and increasingly the warp.”


From the Cold War onwards, the bipartisan feeling in Washington was that Miami was moral proving ground for the American project. With a new existential threat, no longer communism but climate change, Miami is once again uniquely positioned to absorb the narratives and infrastructures that state and private actors will surely impose.


Through the creation of a speculative/experimental documentary about Miami’s future, we explored ways in which to narrate research.

Conscious(less) Miami

Anannya Das, Collin Lytle, Connor Mougin

Look at Me

Marzieh Bagheri, Calise Gritters, Hetal Master, Hila Sabouni

Temporality in Miami: Musings of a Passerby

Tosin Bamidele, Aarthi Saravanakumar & Vishnu Priya Sai Ramesh

A Long Rehearsal

Linh Huynh